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Friends of the Beat - 2 tickets & 10% off

This offer is not ready for sale yet.... but keep an eye out and we will update you on progress.
Recently having renovated the building so that it can be a community space in 2023, we are
looking for loving people to lend us a hand in keeping this venue running. Not to keep us
afloat!! We really hope that we can generate enough entrepreneurial activity to keep
something going but to help us plan and give us some upfront means to invest in ‘The Beat’,
book bands, shows, training and entertainment for what we want in Bodmin.
Spurring on education and a social community group that will give this old building its life

As a result, we would like to offer you an opportunity to be a ‘friend of the Beat’ by
sponsoring us.

In return we would like to offer you 2 free tickets to any show you like and 10% off any merchandise sales, hire of the venue and any merchandise that we hope to sell in 2024.
Not only will you gain!!! This is a very exciting opportunity for you to help our community to reach for the stars, engage in activities and give in return. We are trying to create a social enterprise that will actively engage, help and love our community by providing a warm, inspiring and safe space.
Be a part of helping the next generation and provide an excellent facility at the current time.

Together, with your partnership with us we are actively putting in bids for various local and
national funding opportunities. So we can assure you we are not sitting on our laurels!
Not only do we want to build the activities that we can host, we are actively trying to look
for finance for the renovating of the ground floor and beyond!

Become a Friend of theBeat

Community Volunteer


Be a part of the community and help us put on events, run a great bar or serve up in the kitchen.
As part of our gratitude to you. Enjoy 2 tickets and 10% off merchandise.